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LMP Series – C Frame

  • LMP Series – C Frame
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    LMP Series – C Frame


    1. Stress-relieved welding steel with well rigidity frame.
    2. Adopting compound brake clutch and high sensitivity solenoid valve keeps stamping accurately and safely.
    3. Transmission parts are hidden inside for safety and low noise.
    4. Longer slide gibs and pneumatic balancer devices design for stamping stability and accuracy.
    5. Operation modes including inching, safe one stroke, and continuous can switch on control panel easily.


    1. Higher precision product and material yield.
    2. Getting high tolerance and minimizing wear of tooling.
    3. Reducing vibration and noise with high stability while stamping results in improving working environment quality.
    4. SPM can be increased by shortening stroke length.
    5. Cooperating automatic equipment can save the cost and promote efficiency.
    6. B-type is good for near fine-blanking and progressive forming.
    7. D-type is good for drawing and deeper forming.



    Good for fine- blanking, piercing, bending, and deep drawing.


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