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KL Series

  • KL Series
  • Knuckle Joint Press with Link Motion Drive

    KL Series


    1. One-piece welding thick steel with high rigidity.
    2. Max deformation: 0.1mm at 300 tons.
    3. Optimal slide motion curve for eliminating secondary machining.
    4. Longer processing time than ordinary knuckle joint press.
    5. Wide bolster for progressive process.
    6. Forced circulating lubrication system of gears results in low noise, wear and tear.
    7. Adopting LCD touch panel to check situations of tonnage, current and operate easily.


    1. Reducing secondary machining.
    2. Improving product surface and grain.
    3. Higher strength, precision, and material yield of product.
    4. Getting high tolerance and minimizing wear of tooling.
    5. Reducing vibration and noise with high stability while stamping results in improving working environment quality.



    Good for cold forging, drawing, fine-blanking, near net shaping via progressive stamping die. Applied on high tensile strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy… etc..


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